Balloon Ride Raffle

We are raffling off a balloon ride! Tickets are $5! The balloon ride will be good for Saturday, September 16.

Note: If it rains (hopefully not) or the balloon does not fly - the Winner will receive 50% of the raffle ticket sales!

Tickets can be purchased:

Megan's Family Restaurant

Ravenna Area Chamber of Commerce

Print and Sign Express

Huntington National Bank inside

Ravenna Giant Eagle

You can also purchase tickets by:


Call: 330-296-FAIR

We will also sell tickets at our booth during the Immaculate Conception Parish Festival - August 18-19!

Winner chosen: September 15!!

Winner will be notified by phone and will have 2 hours to respond otherwise we go onto the next winner.

The winner will need to check in at the pilots tent at 4pm. Pilots Tent will be inside the area blocked off for the balloons.

#BalloonRideRaffle #Raffle #HotAirBalloon

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